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Google Adsense Come Here..!!

Maybe you wonder why on this blog article speak English (an english) why so much easier when I use the articles are from the indonesian language in an english. the correct article to use the English language is difficult, but thanks to the help google translate this into words more easily, although he said a little garbled (I get distracted?).

However, it is not my primary goal because even though an article on my blog english words is a bit distracted or have a copy-paste / edit little. important for me that this blog uses the English language .. and you may also have been a reason why.

This is just a trick I just draw attention to the google adsense ads to serve on this blog (can be money), because you know your own google adsense adsense is a class that already.

So for you who want to install an ad or google adsense publishernya so you can mimic this trick from me, probably for more details, I will give a little description ..

One of the requirements to become publishernya google adsense on the blog is you have to have articles that speak english / an englishnya, so .. I do not you?. how how to do it if you can the English language? since it is already before me on the investigation. so I have to overcome to enter an english articles on this blog, I;
  • * First, you write your own articles with some of the English language on the blog for you, * I'm not a google adsense need at least 5 articles that speak English.
  • * Second, you can directly speak seacrh articles on google then copy and paste in your blog, but do not forget to Blog / Webpage with a lot of articles, but politely.
  • * Third, as I have described earlier on the way to convert or translate the language cool article indonesian you speak into the English language is one way that is using Google Translate. What I do?.
In conclusion, the article that there is an english on this blog in addition to the information I give to you is also a major weapon for a Google Adsense Publisher.

What do you? ..