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About Me...

Was born in Barabai Currently I'm Learning to Develop and Manage a Blog..

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Free Hosting, No Ads or No Banner

If the first goal for us to learn first like we do need to make deh hosting a paid (Premium), let alone just to try. I have also since I'm not at this service available, but clearly that this service provides hosting facilities for free and without advertising the future performance of the website, blog or the like that you make.

Just click on the banner in the first over, and then follow the steps below;

# Click on Sign Up

# Fill the form contents are normally we create an account

# If you already have a domain, enter your domain name in the column I want to host my own domain, but in this I do not enter a domain name

# Check the I agree to Terms of Service and then click Create My Account

# Then we need to make confirmation IP address, do we download ip_confirm.exe

# Enter the code is in ip_confirm.exe confirm & then click Activate

# After so accoun hosting a new you, but remember save Details Account Overview page to the computer so that you will make it easier for me you manage your hosting account.

# To manage the account you live you click Go

It will appear a few options such as Main Menu, Domains, Email, Useful Stuff, Files, Software / Services, Advanced, Tools Account that have facilities that Insya Allah I will try to explain to the next article.

Are you having trouble in the making?
If you encounter problems on the steps of making you please comment ..


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