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What's Your Problem?

This was the story of a young man who always had problems, he got every problem he is always thinking about what the causes of the problems that occurred before he faces the problems and almost every problem that faces can always be completed in any way and he has the principle "There is no problems that can not be completed and Thinking for Live. And then he was given the title by his friends with the nickname "One".

Until finally he faced on a problem that is very difficult to overcome by it, the various ways have been done but he just can not cope. Even he was desperate to start thinking about how to overcome the problems that it faces, and he was always alone start, but he came in the solitude of friends who want to ask him how to overcome the problems that currently faces. And then show him in mind, 'the problems that currently faces are not yet completed and can now have more problems coming,' and feel uncomfortable to the friends he also ask his friends "What's your problem?". He did not want to let on that he was now in With a problem even with the current masalahan faces may be more difficult than the problems faced by his friends and he was forced to help a friend first to overcome the problems that are faced by a friend that although sometimes he still thought the show -shadow of the problems that currently faces.

After the problems faced friends are also overcame it and then told her friends about issues that are currently faces, also surprised friends and start asking "Why?", And he was then explained to his friends, but what the response from friends, friends only confused bewildered. Then he was to ask friends,
"Do you feel confused? ...
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  1. party_girl said...

    wow whats up ?

  2. Kadmiel said...

    makes you want to have a little more information.. what is his problem?

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