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About Me...

Was born in Barabai Currently I'm Learning to Develop and Manage a Blog..

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First Step To Make Money..

To complete my previous posting, please read. Now I will explain how the first steps for you to find money on the internet especially for bloggers, but do not worry without any blog you can also..

Course in mind when you create a blog you want to monetize your blog or on the blog you will attach your ads.

So the ads on the blog of course google adsense is the number one at this time, and also difficult to get my blog is still not yet received such as when you already see my blog has been using the English language.
but do not worry in addition to google adsense still have more adsense other services provided, which is relatively easy, as I follow on this blog and this one ..


other than that I follow the above there are also other adsense :

and many others you can google search with the keyword "PPC" and "PTC."

Other than through the use blog with adsense, you can also follow with only have an email only..
and other referral program..

How do you?


  1. Tiyo Avianto said...

    ajib nih...sip frends.....

  2. Jamwes said...

    Good information. Thank you.

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