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Tips To Maintenance Your Computer

Whether you want your computer to survive long?

So of course ..
Following several tips in the treatment computer or Computer Maintenance Tips;

1. Hardware Care

* Periodically clean the motherboard and Peripherals (3 months)
* Use STAVOLT to stabilize the voltage of electricity or the UPS to prevent any
* Do not place the monitor or CPU on the fetid
* Do not put the goods that have magnetic fields near the monitor, because it will cause a rainbow on the monitor

2. Care Software

* Close programs that are not applicable because it will affect the performance of computer memory to be so slow
* Delete the files in the recycle bin regularly
* Enable the screensaver "
* Use antivirus software, and always updated, Click Here
* Use of PC software, here I recommend you to use TuneUp Utility.

Besides the above, there are actually many more tips to treat the computer, and you can find on Google

Download TuneUp Utility 2009 Full Version Here.


  1. Mr. Wilson said...

    nice post..

    it is always a good thing if we are able to maintain our units, beside, we are the ones who use it..

  2. myundiary@gmail.com said...

    I so could have used this information before my other computer crashed. Good post!

  3. TradingBoss said...

    That why i like blogging - make me more experience - Thanks for useful info

  4. Kadmiel said...

    great info it helped me fix a current bug in the computer i already had thanks!

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