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Was born in Barabai Currently I'm Learning to Develop and Manage a Blog..

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Create A Blog Is Very Easy

want to have a blog ..?
Actually created a blog that is very easy and very cheap, with a capital fund for email and internet, there is a little hard apanya? What I think is that it is difficult to manage a blog. how to create a blog, and many visitors ..

So, for you who do not own a blog, I will give lessons on how to create a blog first. I want to give way to create a blog in blogger in accordance with my experience, even though many ways to make blogs that you can find on google.
  • - Go to blogger.com
  • - Then you can select the language that you use the top-right corner.
  • - Then click can create your blog (create a blog) or you can sign in google account you first.
If you sign in first with the English language, and then..
  • - Fill with Name Display Name you want and then give the checklist below
  • - Click Continue
  • - Then let the title and URL of the blog will make you
  • - Then click Continue and then you can choose a template for the blog while you (can be changed later), click Continue
Then will appear "Your Blog Has Been Created!" Click Start Blogging to continue.

So, after you follow the steps above it so you have a blog on blogger.com, you only live to be diligent to manage ..

Any Questions?
Good Post ..! Good News ..! Good Luck ..!
hopefully helpful..


  1. Anonymous said...

    Exactly ... as we keep saying ... Content is the King

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