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Blog Layout Modification

Sometimes confused when we find a particular blog template wordpress template on which it is difficult to put or set the layout / layout animation / images / additional text (additional) including adsense or banner and the like in accordance with our desire..

This time I try to help you a bit of difficulty in managing the administration location. usually in a particular template wordpress widget already provided to put a picture / text / animation / banner and some of the default applications that have been provided there. but the widget is a lot of weakness, that is one of them can not freely decide where animation / pictures / text has been placed because the location is usually determined on the left side or right side of the blog.

So.. What I want to put us on the bottom and top of the blog without much effort mutually template / theme is appropriate or competible? ..

I am not here to give you a tutorial but only give you a little / shadow to the light so that later you can modify the theme on your own blog.

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Usually the folder / directory a wordpress template (/ public_html / wp-content / themes / template name) included files ber exstensi php. These files that you open later, add or edit scriptnya. for example;
  • Header.php function to set the header on your blog.
  • Footer.php function to set the bottom of the blog for you, here I usually change the copyright and add Banner on my blog. how to add animation script / images / text / banner below
  • Page.php, single.php & archive.php function to set the page / content on the blog articles, I usually add adsense here, how you place the adsense script below
  • Sidebar.php function to set the layout of the article content on your blog, and I usually add a widget here.
In addition to the files that I mentioned above of course there are many more files that php extention, depending on the template, and you do not only BASED on my habit above you can also try to modify the other, because as I have earlier described the is just an illustration / shadow for you.

The point of origin you dare try and are trying a variety of alternatives you can be sure ..



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